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6 samples of the colours we offer;
- English Oak
- Whiskey
- Walnut
- Rustic Oak
- Onyx 
- Belgian Grey


English Oak //

The lightest colour finish we offer. This colour matches well with real oak furniture.


Whiskey //

Slightly darker than English Oak and has more of an orange tone.


Walnut //

Slightly darker than Whiskey and has more warmer tones. We would consider this colour a 'medium' on the darkness scale.


Onyx //

Browny-grey finish with cool tones.


Rustic Oak //

Darkest finish we offer.


Belgian Grey //

Light grey finish with cool tones.

All colours are 'Hard Wax Oil' finishes which are designed for use on worktops and wooden flooring.


Please understand the wood is a natural product and therefore inconsistent - therefore the colour won't always match exactly.

Samples will each be approx. 10cm x 10cm x 18mm.

SAMPLE // Pack of 6

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