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bespoke hand crafted bench

In a nutshell...

Penny Wood hand make furniture with simplistic modern Scandinavian design at its core.

The bulk of our work is making furniture to order for both commercial and residential clients.

First thought up by Sam, Penny Wood is now one of the leading furniture makers in East Anglia.

Everything is handmade to order in our Norfolk workshop by an expert team who all share a passion for making.



Sam has always had an interest in woodwork since Secondary School. He began developing Penny Wood back in 2014 as a hobby by collecting driftwood from local Norfolk beaches and creating clocks to sell online and in local craft shops.


Interest in Sam's work grew and he was soon being commissioned to make various items such as tables and toy boxes. With a low budget, Sam found that using reclaimed wood was the ideal material. It was economical and offered the rustic character he liked.

By 2015 Sam was receiving enough sales that he could leave his full-time job and focus on his woodworking - here, Penny Wood Recycling was born. 


At the end of 2017, Sam decided to take a year out and travel South East Asia. Even getting the opportunity to work with locals in Cambodia to teach them woodworking. Wonder where the names of the Penny Wood furniture come from? These are the places Sam fell in love with whilst on his travels.


After coming back, Sam realised that too many people were trying their hand at making and selling rustic furniture - sellers were undercutting each other and reclaimed timber was now more expensive than new timber.


This is where Penny Wood had a new start . A company that could keep producing quality furniture but now with clean sustainable timber. This means we can consistently create beautiful items of the highest quality with no risk of the timber splitting or warping which is common in reclaimed timber such as scaffold boards.


Fast forward to 2023 and Penny Wood is one of the top furniture makers in the country.



Each of us has the power to affect the world in a positive way.


We offer reliable delivery service throughout England. 


Anything you purchase comes with a satisfaction guarantee. 

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