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How to look after your furniture!

In order for your furniture to last as long as possible and look as beautiful as they day you received it - it's super important you look after it.

Although we use the best finish available, Fiddes hard wax oil, it's still at risk of damage from every day use.

Heres some daily tips we recommend to help preserve the finish;

  1. Use a 'wood surface cleaner' like this - - this finish not only cleans but also polishes the finish. There may be cheaper alternatives available, just be sure to use a 'wood cleaner/ polish'. AVOID chemical cleaners. Damp soapy water will be fine.

  2. Again, AVOID chemical cleaners. These can break down the finish over time and risk damaging the surface of the furniture.

  3. Where possible use coasters and placemats. Generally wood, water and heat don't go together! If you want to be able to abuse the surface then you need to be looking for cheap fake wood furniture. The beauty of having real wood means it will last longer as it's stronger and it's relatively easy to repair damages to get it looking like new again.

Long term, if you think your furniture could do with a little tlc such as repairing a scratch or in areas that receive a little more use show signs of wear - the surface can be sanded slightly with 120 grit sandpaper in the direction of the grain and then a clear coat of Fiddes hard wax oil will refinish the surface to look as good as new. This is just a simple wipe on wipe off application.

All our furnitures receive an initial tinted hard wax oil which gives the colour to the wood and then, depending on the item, receives one or two coats of clear satin hard wax oil.

If you require any assistance we will be more than happy to help!

Much love,

Sam | 🌲

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