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ETSY - Good or Bad?

In short, good, very good! If it wasn't for Etsy Penny Wood wouldn't be where it is today. To tell you the truth just before the first lockdown happened in March 2020 I was looking to close down after a year of selling locally and just 'getting by'. I even posted a statement on Facebook about the incoming closure and started to look on eBay to see how much I could sell my tools for!

Thankfully the 'ker-chings' started rolling in from Etsy. Whenever a sale is made a very satisfying and rewarding 'Ker-ching' notification is sent and it still puts a massive smile on my face today even after nearly 3,000 of them!

People basically started buying desks, and seeing as most people had to work from home during lockdown, they needed their own workspace and this is where things snowballed for me and elevated Penny Wood as one of the top Etsy sellers for furniture.


The platform is full of small businesses and talented individuals selling beautiful handmade items so it is disheartening seeing the Etsy fees take a large portion of the sale (up to around 25%) - with everyone competing with one another sellers are battling it out to be the cheapest just so they can get noticed and hopefully make a sale - as a buyer you look for the cheapest option, its only normal. So if you do see something you like on Etsy, please check and see if they have their own website (where the fees will be minimal) and purchase through that as that little extra bit of money to the seller is what will help them grow their business.

I am so thankful for Etsy and will continue to sell on this platform however it's time to focus on growing the main website now to help further grow the business.

Much love,

Sam | 🌲

PS. If there is anything you would like me to talk about here please send in your suggestions!

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